Android Q will be named Android 10


Android Q will now be known as Android 10. Google has changed its tradition for the last 10 years. Google has launched every OS in the name of some dessert, but on Thursday, Google has announced the name of its next version which will be known as Android 10. In the official blog, Google said that the company is now going to change the name of the OS. So far, every version has been launched as an dessert in alphabetical order.

Android 10 Name or Logo

Android 10 is seen with the new logo, with Android Robot on top. The color has also been changed from Green to Black for better visibility. This is a small change, but Google found that reading green was difficult, especially for people with visual impairment. Google will officially begin rolling out the final release of Android 10 in the coming weeks with the updated logo.

First of all, we are changing the name of our release,” said Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management (Android). Our engineering team always used the internal code name for each version. Sameer Samat stated that it is important that the name should be clear because of the global operating system.

Therefore, the next version of Android will see the version number in the name, as we told you, the next version of Google will be named Android 10. This year Google will launch Android 10 and then next year Android 11 and then this series will continue to go on like this.

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List of Android Versions and their names