Make Jio Fixed Line calls with your smartphone

Mukesh Ambani: Make Jio Fixed Line calls

Make Jio Fixed Line calls: At the annual general meeting of Reelance Industries held on 2 August, the company’s head Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio’s broadband service will be commercially available from 5 September 2019. During this, he also informed that now broadband customers of Jio Fiber will also be able to enjoy fixed landlines. The Jio fixed line has been rolled out to existing subscribers. Customers seeking new connections are also being given fixed landline connections with Jio Fiber.

Mukesh Ambani reiterated the old promise of the company that Jio subscribers would have to pay only one service. They will have to pay for the broadband connection. Voice calling facility will be free. Voice call will be free, but to enjoy this service you only have to buy a landline phone. Only Jio Fiber Hub device is provided by Jio. Landline phone is not available.

How to activate Jio Fixed Line calls


Jio fixed landline with geo fiber connection will be active for new customers. Subscribers of Jio will get a landline number with the connection.

Fixed landline means that you will be able to call from landline phone. But Jio has given the facility for its subscribers to make calls through fixed landline numbers from the smartphone itself. This is possible through the Jio4gVoice app, which has now been given the name of JioCall by the company.


With Jio Fiber you will also be able to make video calls with voice calls from your fixed line number. This will only be possible through the Jio Call app. Jio Call makes your fixedline connection smarter. The Google Play store has claimed that you will be able to use your smartphone to make video and audio calls from fixed landlines.

For this, you have to configure your 10 digital fixed line number in the Jio Call app. After this you will be able to make a fixed line call by doing a fixed profile in your Jio Call app.

JioFixedVoice for new customers of Jio Fiber

First of all, download the Jio Call app on your phone from Google Play and App Store. Here the app will have to give some important permissions. After this, there are three options to setup the Jio Call app. First- through live sim. Secondly – through Jio Fi connection and third – through Geo Fiber connection. Here you have to choose the third option.

As you do this, OTP will come on your registered number. Now register the JioCall app on your smartphone using OTP. You will see all the contacts on the interface of the Jio Call app. As soon as you click on a contact. You will get two options – fixedline call and fixed video call. Just as you would select a fixedline call. That contact will call from your mobile from the fixed landline number.

Now you will be able to make and receive calls from the fixed line with the help of your smartphone. Explain that in order to make a call from a fixed line number through the Jio Call app, your phone must connect with Jiofiber’s Internet. The Jio Call app goes offline as soon as it comes out of Internet connectivity.

The Jio Call app is available on the Google Play Store and iOS platform. The number registered with the Jio Fiber connection plays a very important role to register the fixed line on the Jio Call app. The call from the Jio fixed line will be from the Jio Call app itself. If you use the phone’s default caller app, then the call will go through the SIM card.

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