PUBG Mobile Lite: New features in v0.14.0 update, bombing zone and emotes


PUBG game is very popular worldwide including India. Now the company has rolled out a completely new update for PUBG Mobile Lite. This update name is v0.14.0 which adds new stuff to the game. It was the new update Saturday. This update adds some interesting staples to the game which include things like bombing zones and emotes. This makes it clear that the developers want to make this game very similar to PUBG Mobile, for which they are adding new stuff to the game by constantly giving new updates.

The New Bombing Zone is a red zone like the main game. After the update, the main menu background has been changed and now the pickup truck is visible in it. This indicates that a smaller version of Miramar may appear on the map soon. Here are some patch notes of the new update in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite: Patch Notes 0.14.0

  1. New WP theme and rewards
  2. New outfits added
  3. Updated system settings
  4. Added customization guide
  5. Added emotes
  6. Improved UI & update pack size
  7. Improved graphics
  8. Battle parameters improved
  9. Increased accuracy of RPG-7
  10. Added bombing zones

Previously, where only its desktop version was available, today its PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite version is also available. In addition to PUBG launched mobile to desktop version, it can also be played on smartphones. After the launch PUBG Mobile, its popularity was recorded significantly.

However, for this the smartphone had to have high specification performance. But after this PUBG Mobile Lite was also launched so that this game can be played easily with low graphics even in the entry segment smartphone. PUBG Mobile Lite is a 400MB game only and can be played in a smartphone with 2GB of cam RAM.

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