PUBG Mobile: Season 9 New outfit and Kar98k skin revealed in leaked content


New Weapons and Vehicles coming to PUBG Mobile Season 9 have been talked about for a long time. Now in the new video of Mr. Ghost Gaming, we can see the new outfit in season 9, which is gray color, and in addition to the blue hoodie, black and blue pants and boots can be seen. Apart from these things, Parachute Skin and Kar98k one can also be seen in the season. Earlier we had told that PUBG Mobile’s server may soon get a new update named 0.14.5.

PUBG Mobile Season 9:-

Its look suggests that it will be a Vikendi Focus update in which some special updates will be given. According to the leaked report, this update can be given in PUBG Mobile’s server on September 12. There is nothing new in this update, because such an update is already available for PUBG PC. New PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update will bring new Weapon for players. This may include MP5K Submachine Gun, Canted Sight, Zima and Snowbike vehicle and New Mode.

The New Weapon MP5K is a sub machine gun that will be exclusive to Vikendi and will replace the vector in the map. The new Zima will replace the UAZs available in Vikendi. Apart from this, motorcycles in the Vikendi map can be replace with the new vehicle Snowbike.

This update name is v0.14.0 which adds new stuff to the game. This new update was given on Saturday, which can now be downloaded. This update adds some interesting staples to the game which include things like bombing zones and emotes. This makes it clear that the developers want to make this game very similar to PUBG Mobile, for which they are adding new stuff to the game by constantly giving new updates.

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