WhatsApp will lock with your fingerprint

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

WhatsApp has recently made the fingerprint lock feature available for Android beta users. This feature has been available for iOS users for a long time. This feature will be disabled by default in Android Beta version 2.19.221, but today in our article, we will provide you with information about how to activate the fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp? Let’s know about this new feature of WhatsApp…

Use WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock feature like this

The fingerprint lock feature that came in the beta version of WhatsApp can enable by going to Settings. It is worth noting that to use this feature, the phone must be at least Android Marshmallow, plus a fingerprint scanner is also necessary. In the beta version also you will get this feature disable by default, so let’s know what is the way to enable it …

  1. First open the WhatsApp app.
  2. After that click on the three dot menu and go to the settings.Whatsapp
  3. After going into the settings, you will get an account option here.
  4. After clicking on account select the privacy option.rea5k4qs
  5. After clicking on privacy, at the bottom you will see the option of fingerprint lock. This option is enable by clicking on it.

As soon as you enable this feature in WhatsApp, you will get three options to lock automatically – immediately, after 1 minute and after 20 minutes. How long will the stable update of this feature be released?

Written by Piyush Jangid

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